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Table 2 Mutation effect prediction algorithms in dbNSFP database. Assignment to a category was made based on their main working principle

From: CVE: an R package for interactive variant prioritisation in precision oncology

  Score name Category
1 PhastCons100way_vertebrate conservation
2 PhastCons46way_placental conservation
3 PhastCons46way_primate conservation
4 PhyloP100way_vertebrate conservation
5 PhyloP46way_placental conservation
6 PhyloP46way_primate conservation
7 SiPhy_29way_logOdds conservation
8 GERP++ conservation
9 FATHMM function prediction
10 LRT function prediction
11 MutationAssessor function prediction
12 MutationTaster function prediction
13 Polyphen2_HDIV function prediction
14 Polyphen2_HVAR function prediction
15 SIFT function prediction
16 LR ensemble score
17 RadialSVM ensemble score
18 CADD ensemble score