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Table 1 The linearly interpolated lines relating the statistical security parameter λ to the d-cuckoo hash table expansion factor e, where N=n/e items are inserted to a table of size n{4096,8192,16384} using d{3,4,5} hash functions

From: Private queries on encrypted genomic data

d n=4096 n=8192 n=16384
3 λ=120.5e−138.1 λ=122.5e−141.5 λ=123.3e−143.5
4 λ=126.2e−136.3 λ=128.2e−139.6 λ=127.5e−140.0
5 λ=126.1e−134.0 λ=121.3e−129.7 λ=121.5e−130.8