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Table 6 Haplogroups for 33 in-house samples using 143 markers from the Infinium QC array (HaploGrep 2) and all sequence data (Phy-Mer)

From: Clinical utility of the low-density Infinium QC genotyping Array in a genomics-based diagnostics laboratory

Sample ID HaploGrep 2 (Human QC array) Phy-Mer (CES data)
CPM10 C1d1 C1d1c1
CPM11 HV B4a1a1
CPM12 N A2w1
CPM13 H H5a3b
CPM14 N A2d1
CPM15 N A2–64
CPM16 N W1
CPM17 N A2–64-@153
CPM18 C1b14 C1b14
CPM19 HV2 B4c1b2a2
NA12878 H H13a1a1a
CPM20 N A2r
CPM21 D4 D1h1
CPM22 D4 D1
CPM23 C1c C1c
CPM24 B2 B2v
CPM25 T T2b
CPM26 C C1b7a
CPM27 H H48
CPM28 N A2
CPM29 M M7c1a4a
CPM30 HV R9b2
CPM31 M M7c1a4a
CPM32 C C1d
CPM33 C C1d
CPM34 C C1d-194
CPM36 N A2
CPM4 L3 L3b1a
CPM5 D4j D4j5
CPM6 L2a1c L2a1c5
CPM7 A5 A5a
CPM8 N A2w1
CPM9 K K1a4b1