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Table 9 Group p-values for three breast cancer subtypes including luminal B, HER2 and basal-like

From: Subtype identification from heterogeneous TCGA datasets on a genomic scale by multi-view clustering with enhanced consensus

Group p-values Subtype 1 Subtype 2 Subtype 3 Subtype 4 Subtype 5
luminal B 2.35e-01 2.16e-13 1.33e-02 5.03e-04 4.68e-02
HER2 3.87e-01 1.90e-02 3.34e-02 3.18e-03 2.65e-01
basal-like 7.99e-06 2.03e-05 4.53e-01 2.91e-03 4.40e-01
  1. The subtype we found out, p-value in boldface, is likely to correspond to the true breast cancer subtype