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Table 5 The top-ranked predictions for selected diseases(Verification in literature)

From: Predicting drug-disease interactions by semi-supervised graph cut algorithm and three-layer data integration

Disease Known drugs (DrugBank IDs) Part of top-ranked predictions
HD (143100) Baclofen (DB00181) Clozapine (DB00363, rank:01)
  Tetrabenazine (DB04844) Olanzapine (DB00334, rank:03)
   Ziprasidone (DB00246, rank:05)
   Aripiprazole (DB01238, rank:06)
   Quetiapine (DB01224, rank:07)
   Risperidone (DB00734, rank:12)
NSCLC (211980) Doxorubicin (DB00997) Carboplatin (DB00958, rank:01)
   Epirubicin (DB00445, rank:16)
   Cisplatin (DB00515, rank:20)
AD (103780) Citalopram (DB00215) Butriptyline (DB09016, rank:03)
  Chlordiazepoxide (DB00475) Lorazepam (DB00186, rank:04)
  Acamprosate (DB00659)  
  Naltrexone (DB00704)  
  Disulfiram (DB00822)  
  Ondansetron (DB00904)  
SCLC (182280) Cisplatin (DB00515) Carboplatin (DB00958, rank:01)
  Methotrexate (DB00563) Irinotecan (DB00762, rank:04)
  Teniposide (DB00444) Doxorubicin (DB00997, rank:09)
  Etoposide (DB00773) Epirubicin (DB00445, rank:18)
  Topotecan (DB01030)