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Fig. 3

From: Impaired type I interferon regulation in the blood transcriptome of recurrent asthma exacerbations

Fig. 3

a Immunologic gene set enrichment analysis by cell type in single AETRI. This enrichment analysis found a large enrichment (17%) for activated dendritic cells. b Dendritic cell-specific enrichment in immunologic gene set enrichment analysis of single AETRI. Characterization of the cell-specific enrichment for dendritic cells was based on upregulation of several interferon-induced genes and IL-15. * This computational method identifies immunologic GSEA pathways of experiments that have similar gene expression characteristics to the experiment being analyzed. The names of those experiments are in the titles of the pathway and as a result they include some description of how they were generated. For example: “DC vs MAC M Tuberculosis up” is telling us that the gene expression profile in our experiment is correlated with upregulated genes in an existing gene expression study that compared DCs vs. macrophages in response to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. c Top network enriched in the dendritic cell-specific enrichment in single AETRI. MyD88, IL-15, IP-10 and several interferon-induced genes are upregulated in the top network of genes enriched in the dendritic cell-specific enrichment

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