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Table 8 SNPs in PD with associated PD-specific genes and miRNAs

From: A meta-analysis of public microarray data identifies biological regulatory networks in Parkinson’s disease

MicroRNAs SNPs Allele Chromosome Gene MinorAlleleCount Experimentally_confirmed
hsa-miR-141 rs17016074 A/G 4:89726127 SNCA A = 0.0503/252  
hsa-miR-153 rs17016074 A/G SNCA Yes
hsa-miR-223 rs17016074 A/G SNCA  
hsa-miR-499-3p rs17016074 A/G SNCA  
hsa-miR-504 rs17016074 A/G SNCA  
hsa-miR-7 rs17016074 A/G SNCA Yes
hsa-miR-141 rs356165 A/G 4:89725735 SNCA A = 0.4842/2425  
hsa-miR-153 rs356165 A/G SNCA Yes
hsa-miR-223 rs356165 A/G SNCA  
hsa-miR-504 rs356165 A/G SNCA  
hsa-miR-7 rs356165 A/G SNCA Yes