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Table 4 Disease association of identified genes

From: Integrative analyses of genes and microRNA expressions in human trisomy 21 placentas

Disease GeneSymbol rawP adjP
Mental Retardation AGA, DYRK1A, SETD4, TTC3 0.0001 0.0014
Down Syndrome DYRK1A, SETD4, TTC3 0.0004 0.0028
Trisomy DYRK1A, TTC3 0.0016 0.0056
Neurobehavioral Manifestations DYRK1A, SETD4, TTC3 0.0016 0.0056
Chromosome Disorders DYRK1A, SETD4, TTC3 0.0021 0.0059
Osteoarthritis F2RL1, JAM3 0.0036 0.0084
Fibrosis F2RL1, HGF 0.0098 0.0196
  1. rawP: p value from hypergeometric test, adjP: p value adjusted by the multiple test adjustment