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Fig. 5

From: The Cancer Omics Atlas: an integrative resource for cancer omics annotations

Fig. 5

Investigation of PD-L1 in the “Immuno-oncology” module. a Comparison of PD-L1 gene expression between cancer and normal samples. b Associations of PD-L1 gene expression with survival prognosis in cancers. PD-L1: programmed death-ligand 1. ESCA: esophageal carcinoma. KICH: kidney chromophobe. LIHC: liver hepatocellular carcinoma. LUAD: lung adenocarcinoma. LUSC: lung squamous cell carcinoma. PRAD: prostate adenocarcinoma. ACC: adrenocortical carcinoma. COAD: colon adenocarcinoma. KIRC: kidney renal clear cell carcinoma. SKCM: cutaneous melanoma. LGG: brain lower grade glioma. PAAD: pancreatic adenocarcinoma

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