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Table 5 Characterization of EXOC3L4 rare variant loci

From: Rare variants in the splicing regulatory elements of EXOC3L4 are associated with brain glucose metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease

rsID Consequence p-valuea SRE type Variants across cohort
rs117708804 missense 4.32E-07 ESE, ESS 11
EXOC3L4   7.48E-06b   16
rs10142287 synonymous 1.58E-04 ESE 1
rs9324055 missense 1.59E-04 ESE 1
rs148718670 missense 1.68E-04 ESE 3
  1. aSKAT-O p-value results after removing the variant from EXOC3L4
  2. bSKAT-O p-value result using all variants from EXOC3L4