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Fig. 5

From: Novel disease syndromes unveiled by integrative multiscale network analysis of diseases sharing molecular effectors and comorbidities

Fig. 5

Examples of comorbidities that share downstream intergenic eQTL mechanisms via their associated SNPs. Panel a: Polycystic ovary syndrome (POS) and psoriasis are observed comorbid in HCUP (Odds ratio (OR) = 2.3) and were previously described as co-occurring [45]; however, the common genetic risk remains unreported. Here, we provide evidence that intergenic SNPs of psoriasis share eQTL associations with the intragenic SNPs of POS (LD r2 = 0.05 on CEU population). Panel b: Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia are also known as comorbid, and here we show a novel shared mechanism among their numerous intergenic SNPs (protein-coding IGSF9B, microRNA MIR1307, and ncRNA CYP17A10-AS1). SNPs on chromosome 11 are 57 k away (LD r2 = 0.04), and SNP rs17115100 is 20.9 k byte from rs11191419 (LD r2 = 0.15) and 314.8 k byte apart from a LD SNP rs1191580

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