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Table 3 Disease, pathway and gene ontology enrichment analyses on the differentially expressed miRNAs in BRCA subtypes

From: Improvement of cancer subtype prediction by incorporating transcriptome expression data and heterogeneous biological networks

Disease Adj-p-value
Neoplasms 1.31e-06
Carcinoma 8.93e-05
Adenocarcinoma 1.50e-03
Ovarian Neoplasms 1.97e-03
Breast Neoplasms 4.15e-03
Pathway Adj-p-value
P00011 Blood coagulation 9.76e-04
WP272 Blood Clotting Cascade 6.86e-03
P00045 Notch signaling pathway 9.88e-03
WP129 Matrix Metalloproteinases 9.88e-03
WP138 Androgen receptor signaling pathway 9.88e-03
Gene Ontology Adj-p-value
GO0005515 protein binding 2.90e-03
GO0035019 somatic stem cell maintenance 2.90e-03
GO0042246 tissue regeneration 2.90e-03
GO0042742 defense response to bacterium 2.90e-03
GO0030177 positive regulation of wnt receptor signaling pathway 3.95e-03
  1. Top-5 significant enrichment terms are shown in each category