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Table 2 Linkage analysis confirmed X-linkage in 3 familial cases of intellectual disability

From: Mapping the landscape of tandem repeat variability by targeted long read single molecule sequencing in familial X-linked intellectual disability

Family Linkage interval Mbp LOD
L020 (or 5X, or MRX51) Initial chrX:41,323,975-46,534,411 5.21 2.406
Refined chrX:42,505,938-46,534,357 4.03 2.41
L061 (or 37SX) Initial chrX:46,179,305-103,255,350 57.08 2.23
chrX:103,255,350-112,506,789 9.25 2.23
chrX:112,516,866-120,180,324 7.66 2.23
L084 (or 78X) Initial chrX:142,184,383-146,607,898 4.42 0.932
Refined chrX:143,125,342-146,175,617 3.05 1.042