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Table 4 Demographics and clinical characteristics of sarcoma patients

From: Integration of genomic copy number variations and chemotherapy-response biomarkers in pediatric sarcoma

Sarcoma Type Data Source   Clinical Information Number of Samples
OS TARGET Stage1 Relapse 41
Non-Relapse 44
Stage2 Metastatic 22
Non-Metastatic 63
Gender Female 37
Male 48
Vital Status Alive 55
Dead 30
Age At the time of Diagnosis (days):
High Grade OS GEO-GSE33383 Age At the time of Diagnosis (days):
ESFTs GEO-GSE8398 Gender Female 11
Male 9
Unknown 5
Stage Metastatic 11
Localized 9
Unknown 5
RMS GEO-GSE24715 Histology Subtype ARMS (Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma) 64