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Table 3 Top 15 GOs by BaseSpace Correlation Engine

From: Identification of biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by comprehensive analysis of exosomal mRNAs in human cerebrospinal fluid

Biogroups direction P-value
ligase activity down 1.60E-09
ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds down 2.30E-09
acid-amino acid ligase activity down 4.40E-09
kinase binding down 5.10E-09
response to oxidative stress down 5.90E-09
mitochondrial inner membrane down 1.40E-07
cellular component biogenesis at cellular level down 3.30E-07
DNA catabolic process down 4.80E-07
protein binding transcription factor activity down 6.90E-07
transcription cofactor activity down 1.30E-06
ubiquitin-protein ligase activity down 1.50E-06
response to hypoxia down 1.90E-06
response to decreased oxygen levels down 2.10E-06
transcription factor binding transcription factor activity down 2.20E-06
negative regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity down 2.80E-06
  1. Enrichment of Gene Ontology (GO) in DEGs was analyzed by BaseSpace Correlation Engine. The top 15 ranked biogroups are listed