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Table 5 The top 5 enriched Gene Ontology analysis of the ceRNA network

From: LncRNA-miRNA-mRNA expression variation profile in the urine of calcium oxalate stone patients

GO ID Category GO term Target genes Fold Enrichment P Value
GO:0060267 Biological process Positive regulation of respiratory burst INSR;IGHA2 43.56349 0.00160
GO:0003208 Biological process Cardiac ventricle morphogenesis HEY2;HIF1A 32.66865 0.00255
GO:1903599 Biological process Positive regulation of mitophagy HIF1A 25.93386 0.04539
GO:0097084 Biological process Vascular smooth muscle cell development HEY2 25.93386 0.04539
GO:0051000 Biological process Positive regulation of nitric-oxide synthase activity DHFR;HIF1A 25.93386 0.04539
GO:0097025 Cellular component MPP7-DLG1-LIN7 complex DLG1 25.99559 0.04525
GO:0061700 Cellular component GATOR2 complex WDR59 25.99559 0.04525
GO:0000176 Cellular component Nuclear exosome (RNase complex) EXOSC3;EXOSC2 20.13561 0.00577
GO:0000178 Cellular component Exosome (RNase complex) EXOSC3;EXOSC2 18.69629 0.00656
GO:0032982 Cellular component Myosin filament MYOM2;MYH6 16.35741 0.00828
GO:0019887 Molecular function Protein kinase regulator activity CSNK2B;CDK5RAP1 32.84127 0.00252
GO:0031404 Molecular function Chloride ion binding ACE 26.07087 0.04515
GO:0008483 Molecular function Transaminase activity AMT 26.07087 0.04515
GO:0034711 Molecular function Inhibin binding IGSF1 26.07087 0.04515
GO:0031434 Molecular function Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase binding ACE;DLG1 17.50794 0.00736