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Table 2 Genetic variants found in eight genes shared by the cases_only (2407 genes) set and the associated_harmful (46 genes) set

From: Exome-wide search and functional annotation of genes associated in patients with severe tick-borne encephalitis in a Russian population

Gene Harmful genetic variants found in patients with TBE, that are not common in non-Finnish European populations Harmful genetic variants associated with severe forms of TBE
SNP ID or SNV positiona Exonic function SIFT Polyphen2 HDIV Polyphen2 HVAR N b SNP ID P-value Exonic function SIFT Polyphen2 HDIV
MAP4 c rs150907099 nonsyn D D D 1 rs11711953 0.001927 nonsyn D D
rs2230169 0.005399 nonsyn D D
WDFY4 chr10:50,034,917 nonsyn D D D 1 rs41283283 0.003018 nonsyn T D
ACTRT2 rs137950147 nonsyn T D P 1 rs3795263 0.009637 nonsyn D D
KLHL25 rs779814173 nonsyn D B B 1 rs35582838 0.009274 nonsyn D B
MAP2K3 rs141390631 nonsyn D P D 1 rs74575904 0.002442 nonsyn D D
MBD1 rs183864846 nonsyn D B B 1 rs125555 0.009685 nonsyn D P
OR10J1 rs35634161 nonsyn D D D 2 rs12048482 0.003306 nonsyn D D
rs12409540 0.005492 stopgain . .
OR2T34 rs202166093 nonsyn D D D 1 rs199863869 0.001284 nonsyn D B
  1. aSNV genomic position was determined according to the GRCh37/hg19 assembly
  2. bN - the occurrence of the rare harmful minor alleles harbored by certain gene in exomes of TBE patients (see Methods section)
  3. cMAP4 has PPI with one gene (IL7R) from the TBEVHostDB