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Table 3 Genes from the cases_only set and the associated set, which are characterized in the TBEVHostDB

From: Exome-wide search and functional annotation of genes associated in patients with severe tick-borne encephalitis in a Russian population

Gene Functional group of genes from the TBEVHostDB a Reference from the TBEVHostDB Number of polymorphisms per gene b
Cases_only set of genes
TLR3 Allelic variant [38, 44] 3
TYK2 Physical interaction [69] 1
FAM184A Physical interaction [69] 1
PHC2 Physical interaction [69] 1
TJP2 Physical interaction [70] 1
SCRIB Physical interaction [71] 1
ITGB3 Physical interaction [72] 1
A2M Up- or down-regulated [73] 2
HMOX1 Up- or down-regulated [74] 1
ICAM3 Up- or down-regulated [75] 1
IFIH1 Up- or down-regulated [19] 1
IL12B Up- or down-regulated [76] 2
HSPA1A Up- or down-regulated [77] 1
IL2RA Up- or down-regulated [78] 1
IFIT1 Up- or down-regulated [79] 1
CXCL12 Up- or down-regulated [17] 1
ICAM1 Up- or down-regulated [78] 1
LTF Up- or down-regulated [80] 2
GFAP Up- or down-regulated [81] 1
Associated set of genes
TJP2 Physical interaction [70] 1
ATF6 Up- or down-regulated [77] 1
ARID1B Allelic variant [45] 1
  1. aAllelic variant, Allelic variant in this gene was associated with susceptibility or resistance to TBEV infection; Physical interaction, Genes encoding proteins that had direct physical interactions with TBEV virion, TBEV proteins or TBEV RNA; Up- or down-regulated, Genes encoding mRNAs (or proteins) that were up- or down-regulated in response to TBEV infection
  2. bFor genes from the cases_only set the number of loci occupied by harmful variants that are not common in non-Finnish Europeans is given. For genes from the associated set the number of variants of any types associated with severe forms of TBE at significance level of 0.01 is given