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Table 1 Frequency of Detection of K111 in DNA from Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL) patients

From: Structural variation of centromeric endogenous retroviruses in human populations and their impact on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, Sézary syndrome, and HIV infection

Disease No. tested −/− K111 Frequency of −/− K111 (%) X 2 p value
CTCL Total 35 13 37.14 6.96 0.0083
 CTCL 13 4b 30.7 0.32 ns
 CTCL + LCT 11 4c 36.4 2.97 0.0423
 Sézary Syndrome 11a 5 45.5 4.260 0.0390
 Caucasian CTCL 35 13 37.1 8.475 0.003601
 African American CTCL 4 0 0 24 ns
Caucasian healthy 160 25 15.6   
  1. The table shows the frequency of detection of the −/−K111 genotype in patients with CTCL. This proportion is compared to the prevalence of −/−K111 in a population of healthy Caucasian individuals. aTwo patients with Sz also developed LCT. Neither of these patients was −/− K111. bOne patient developed peripheral T-cell lymphoma and a second patient developed Hodgkin Lymphoma.cOne patient developed concomitant Hodgkin Lymphoma. LCT Large cell transformation, Sz Sézary Syndrome. p values were calculated using a X2 test