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Table 1 Cytotoxic Drugs and number of cell lines

From: A systematic analysis of genomics-based modeling approaches for prediction of drug response to cytotoxic chemotherapies

Drug Abbreviation Number of Cell Lines
Bleomycin BLM 632
Bortezomib BTZ 331
Cisplatin CIS 146
Cytarabine CYT 515
Docetaxel DTX 555
Doxorubicin DOX 738
Etoposide ETP 643
Gemcitabine GEM 583
Methotrexate MTX 216
Mitomycin C MMC 759
Paclitaxel PTX 227
Vinblastine VBL 719
Vorinostat VOR 728
SN-38 SN-38 698
5-Fluorouracil 5-FU 409
  1. 15 Cytotoxic agents and the number of cell lines with experimentally determined IC50’s for each drug. Training set comprises 75% of the total data while the testing data accounts for the remaining 25%