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Table 2 An example of edge list denoting a miRNA-mRNA bipartite graph. The edge list has three columns: miRNA vertex, mRNA vertex, and their edge weight. The pairs of miRNA-mRNA with the 10 largest integrated mean value weights (described in the next subsection) are listed as an example

From: Clustering analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression data from TCGA using maximum edge-weighted matching algorithms

mRNA microRNA weight
ASB8 hsa-mir-378 0.802
FYCO1 hsa-mir-378 0.773
CYB5R1 hsa-mir-378 0.772
TMEM143 hsa-mir-378 0.763
PHKA1 hsa-mir-944 0.759
MYOM3 hsa-mir-95 0.755
PDLIM3 hsa-mir-95 0.751
DCAF6 hsa-mir-944 0.749
ASB14 hsa-mir-378 0.747
PHTF2 hsa-mir-944 0.744