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Table 1 Enriched disease and disease class achieved from different set of genes by GAD

From: Significant random signatures reveals new biomarker for breast cancer

1000 1st GenesBreast Cancer7.00E-04CANCER9.80E-05
1000 2nd GenesOral Premalignant Lesions5.10E-03DEVELOPMENTAL1.20E-01
1000 3rd GenesNeural Tube Defects2.50E-02REPRODUCTION2.50E-01
1000 6th GenesBone density; Pregnancy loss6.90E-03AGING1.50E-01
1000 9th GenesHeight2.50E-03NORMAL VARIATION7.00E-03
1000 12th GenesInflammatory Bowel Disease2.30E-05CHEMDEPENDENCY7.50E-05