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Table 1 Panel of ring chromosome 4 affected genes in the present case

From: Clinical, cytogenetic, and molecular findings in a patient with ring chromosome 4: case report and literature review

Chromosome region Pair of bases Genetic alteration Number of copies Genes
4p16.3 68,345-1,778,803 Loss 1 ZNF595, ZNF718, ZNF876P, ZNF732, ZNF141, ABCA11P, ZNF721, PIGG, PDE6B, ATP5I, MYL5, MFSD7, PCGF3, LOC100129917, CPLX1, GAK, TMEM175, DGKQ, SLC26A1, IDUA, FGFRL1, RNF212, TMED11P, SPON2, LOC100130872, CTBP1, C4orf42, MAEA, KIAA1530, CRIPAK, FAM53A, SLBP, TMEM129, TACC3
4p16.3 1,784,441-2,126,584 Gain 3 FGFR3, LETM1, WHSC1, SCARNA22, WHSC2, MIR943, C4orf48, NAT8L, POLN
4q35.2 187,900,881-190,957,460 Loss 1 ZFP42, TRIML2, TRIML1, LOC401164, FRG1, TUBB4Q, FRG2