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Table 2 Simulated mutated genomes used for accurateness testing. The simulated data sets gw1 and gw2 were used to compare the prediction results for a genome-wide prediction. The simulated data sets lcd was used to compare the prediction results for genes for which a prediction of all tested callers was available

From: MetaCNV - a consensus approach to infer accurate copy numbers from low coverage data

SimulationDepth of coverage# of amplified genes# of deleted genesTotal # of genesRatio amplified/ deleted genes
sim 1x gw11.1x28355913,9060.51
sim 1x gw21.1x23657313,9200.41
sim 1x lcd1.5x25303300.83
sim 2x gw12.2x24756013,9370.44
sim 2x gw22.2x25458813,9220.43
sim 2x lcd2.9x4244160.95
sim 5x gw15.7x23058013,9870.40
sim 5x gw25.7x25159313,9490.42
sim 5x lcd7.3x6248141.29
sim 10x gw111.3x26356013,8820.47
sim 10x gw211.3x24055113,8650.44
sim 10x lcd14.9x544971.10