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Table 3 Shared GO processes between the subnetworks for PD and HGPS identified by the network analysis, but not related to subnetworks for AD or PM

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis of Parkinson’s disease and Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome reveals shared susceptible cellular network processes

GO term(s) Network PD - key network objects Seed nodes PD Directionality PD Network HGPS - key network objects Seed nodes HGPS Directionality HGPS
GO:0042320: regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, REM sleep SLC18A1, NDUFB3, MPPED2, Matrilin 3, CELSR1 Galpha(q)-specific peptide GPCRs down GPR39, LCMT1, GLT25D2, BBS7, FAM126B Galpha(q)-specific peptide GPCRs both
GO:0022410: circadian sleep/wake cycle process AKAP12, Neurocan, Alpha-internexin, CBARA1, PR61beta Galpha(q)-specific peptide GPCRs, Galpha(i)-specific peptide GPCRs down RY1, p42 KKIALRE, ITM2A, Tho2, C11orf1 Galpha(q)-specific peptide GPCRs, Galpha(i)-specific peptide GPCRs both
GO:0007076: mitotic chromosome condensation CDK5, Doublecortin, SNAP19, ELOVL4, LDHD none n/a GPR39, LCMT1, GLT25D2, BBS7, FAM126B CAP-G, CAPG/G2 down
GO:0060024: rhythmic synaptic transmission SDHC, M9, NDUFB6, AGAL, CACNA2D2 CACNA2D2, CACNA2D, Ca(II)channel R-type down VPS54, Rhophilin 2, RNF144, NDUFB6, FAM76B none n/a
GO:0006370: 7-methylguanosine mRNA capping, GO:0009452: 7-methylguanosine RNA capping MLF1, CCK8, PGMU, OATP-E, FLJ22028 TBF5, TFIIH subunit down, up GSTM3, PDK (PDPK1), POLR2B, ATP6V0E2, C9orf16 POLR2B down
GO:0014054: positive regulation of gamma-aminobutyric acid secretion SNX4, LOH11CR2A, VPS41, MRPL46, ENDOGL1 none n/a MASP1, FUT8, Cubilin, SNX25, ARL13B none n/a
GO:0022900: electron transport chain POLR3C, ATP1A4, nAChR beta-3, TMS-1, GATA-1 NDUFA2, NDUFA3 down PPP1R3D, FOLR3, ERMAP, DNA polymerase sigma, WHDC1 none n/a
GO:0070458: cellular detoxification of nitrogen compound MANA, Rab-6B, LDB2, Exostosin-2, Rab-6 GSTM1, GSTs down TUB, PLEKHM2, ZNF507, SH3PXD2B, GATA-1 GSTs up
GO:0007166: cell surface receptor signaling pathway Tcf(Lef), PLC-beta, G-protein beta/gamma, MEK4 (MAP2K4), PKR MAP3K1, p38alpha, GSK3-beta, TCF7L2(TCF4), Tcf(Lef) down(3), up(2) JAK1, Axin, Frizzled, Jagged1, LRP5 Dsh, SMAD3, TGF-beta 2, NOTCH1 receptor, FZD7, LRP6, NCOA3(pCIP/SRC3), RBP-J kappa(CBF1) down(2), up(6)
GO:0032956: regulation of actin cytoskeleton organization DCTN6, PGRMC1, SEZ6L2, SCN9A, Cdc42 subfamily RHO6, Cdc42 subfamily, Rho GTPase down PQLC1, TSHZ1, ZNF317, Cdc42 subfamily, FAN SPTA1, Rho GTPase, Rac1, Rho3 down(1), up(1), both(2)
GO:0007167: enzyme-linked receptor protein signaling pathway Ephrin-A, H-Ras, P13K reg class IA, Ephrin-A5, RHO6 Ephrin-A receptor 8, H-Ras, Ephrin-A receptor 2 down ERK1/2, c-Src, VEGFR-2, JAK1, Ephrin-A Ephrin-B, Ephrin-A receptor 2, Ephrin-A2, Ephrin-A down(3), up(1)
  1. Each GO term is presented together with the subnetworks for PD and HGPS, shared seed nodes between the subnetwork and the GO processes, and regulation directionality of the seed nodes. n/a: not applicable