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Table 1 List of top 10 DEGs ranked by the absolute value of the fold change

From: Machine learning based refined differential gene expression analysis of pediatric sepsis

ID FC p-value Adj. p-value Regulation
SLC39A8 2.93 3.80E-07 6.71E-04 Up
RHAG 2.92 2.25E-04 2.60E-02 Up
DDIT4 2.78 1.22E-07 4.32E-04 Up
MPO 2.75 4.56E-04 3.90E-02 Up
RRM2 2.69 1.63E-04 2.26E-02 Up
CCL3 2.67 1.97E-06 1.91E-03 Up
TGFBI −2.59 7.89E-04 5.00E-02 Down
MAFF 2.56 2.45E-05 7.20E-03 Up
TYMS 2.55 5.13E-04 4.12E-02 Up
ENPP2 2.42 7.26E-05 1.33E-02 Up
KIAA0101 2.42 1.57E-04 2.23E-02 Up