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Table 1 Functions and mutational specificities of novel cancer-associated genes in IDBC

From: Stage-specific protein-domain mutational profile of invasive ductal breast cancer

Genes Canonical functions Cancer relevance Specificity  
    Stage In situ
CFBF The encoded transcription factor Function in Stage I No
  regulates RUNX and other genes aberrant estrogen   
  specific to hematopoiesis receptor signaling   
MAP2K4, The encoded kinases belong to a Evading apoptosis, No Duct
MAP3K4 protein kinase signal transduction Dysfunction of DNA Stage Duct
  cascade, which can activate the repair mechanism   
  stress-induced P38 and JNK    
  MAPK pathways    
NCOA3 The encoded protein (AIB1) Biomarker for No No
  enhances estrogen-dependent evaluating   
  transcription tamoxifen [24]   
RB1 RB1 prevents excessive cell growth A tumor suppressor No Duct
  by inhibiting cell cycle progression that controls cell   
  until a cell is ready to divide growth [25]   
ZNF384 The encoded transcription factor Involved in cell Stage I Duct
  involved in extracellular matrix proliferation in   
  remodeling other cancers