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Table 2 The top five GO enrichment terms of the intestinal flora-related DEGs

From: Identification of intestinal flora-related key genes and therapeutic drugs in colorectal cancer

Category Term Description Count P value
BP GO:0007267 cell–cell signaling 7 7.21E−05
BP GO:0006955 immune response 8 1.57E−04
BP GO:0006954 inflammatory response 7 6.24E−04
BP GO:0007586 digestion 4 7.25E−04
BP GO:0007186 G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 10 7.52E−04
CC GO:0005615 extracellular space 24 2.29E−14
CC GO:0005576 extracellular region 24 9.97E−13
CC GO:0005886 plasma membrane 17 4.90E−02
CC GO:0070062 extracellular exosome 13 4.93E−02
CC GO:0016324 apical plasma membrane 4 3.90E−02
MF GO:0005179 hormone activity 7 1.99E−07
MF GO:0008083 growth factor activity 7 4.85E−06
MF GO:0005125 cytokine activity 6 1.13E−04
MF GO:0005102 receptor binding 6 2.64E−03
MF GO:0008009 chemokine activity 3 7.88E−03
  1. GO gene ontology, DEGs differentially expressed genes, BP biological process, CC cellular components, MF molecular function