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Table 2 The expression patterns of recurrent upstream regulators associated with multiply pathways

From: A pan-kidney cancer study identifies subtype specific perturbations on pathways with potential drivers in renal cell carcinoma

The potential upstream regulators ccRCC PRCC ChRCC
TP63 −0.697 −2.514 −0.588
TP53 0.588 0.895 Ns
TGFB1 1.594 Ns −0.638
IL15 0.9236 Ns 1.300
TNF Ns 0.960 −0.876
IFNG 4.925 Ns Ns
SPP1 Ns 1.563 Ns
STAT3 Ns Ns −1.145
  1. Note: Values: log2FoldChange Value for each subtype compared with normal tissues; Ns: not significant differentially expressed comparing with normal tissues