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Table 1 Descriptions of T-stage, N-stage and M-stage

From: Identification of LINC02310 as an enhancer in lung adenocarcinoma and investigation of its regulatory network via comprehensive analyses

T-stage N-stage M-stage
Stage Description Stage Description Stage Description
T1 tumor size ≤ 3 cm N0 No cancer cells near the lymph nodes M0 Cancer cells have not metastasized
T2 3 cm < tumor size ≤ 5 cm N1 Cancer cells have spread to the parabronchial nodes or the lymph nodes in the lungs of the primary tumor M1 Cancer cells have metastasized
T3 5 cm < tumor size ≤ 7 cm N2 Cancer cells have spread to the mediastinal lymph nodes MX Cancer metastasis is unknown
T4 tumor size > 7 cm N3 Cancer cells have spread to lymph nodes without the primary tumor   
TX undetectable NX Lymph nodes near the tumor were not tested