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Table 1 Gender, age, tissue and strain classification for each organism. Eight distinct muscle tissues, 4 different age stages (years for human and weeks for mouse) and 4 separated mouse strains with their combinations

From: MyoMiner: explore gene co-expression in normal and pathological muscle

GenderBoth, Male, FemaleBoth, Male, Female
AgeAll ages, Child, Young, Adult, OldAll ages, Embryo, Young, Adult, Old
Anatomic partCombined heart, Left ventricle, Both ventricles, Myocardium, Combined skeletal muscle, Quadriceps, Rectus abdominis, Biceps brachiiCombined heart, Left ventricle, Both ventricles, Combined skeletal muscle, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius, Tibialis anterior, Soleus
StrainNACombined, C57BL/6 J, CD1, C3H/HeJ, FVB