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Table 3 Pathways enriched in genes generating circRNAs expressed predominantly in human pancreatic islets

From: Islet-expressed circular RNAs are associated with type 2 diabetes status in human primary islets and in peripheral blood

Pathways enriched in genes hosting circRNAs not seen in other tissues
Pathwayp-valueNumber of GenesGenes
Pancreatic secretion< 0.00015CELA3A, CFTR, CPA1, KCNQ1, PNLIPRP2
Pathways enriched in genes generating the top 10% the most abundantly-expressed circRNAs in islets
Pathwayp-valueNumber of GenesGenes
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Regulation< 0.00014CREBBP, EP300, FOXO3, GABPB1
Pathways affected in Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma0.0106CREBBP,EP300, FOXO3, KANSL1, KMT2C, MAML3
Attenuation phase0.0203CREBBP, DNAJB1, EP300
RUNX3 regulates NOTCH signaling0.0203CREBBP, EP300, MAML3
Lysine degradation0.0305ASHIL, EHMT1, KMT2C, PLOD1, SETD3
  1. GO pathways analysis to identify pathways enriched in the host genes of A. novel RNAs not previously characterised in other tissues or B. the top 10% most abundant circRNAs in human islets are presented here. Number of genes = number of differentially-expressed genes in each pathway