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Table 8 The association studies regarding methamphetamine and BDNF/PICK1 gene polymorphisms in the methamphetamine abusers and controls

From: Association of PICK1 and BDNF variations with increased risk of methamphetamine dependence among Iranian population: a case–control study

Gene-SNP Ethnicity Sample size Result Refs
Meth Normal
BDNF-Val66Met Chinese 200 219 No significant differences in genotype and allele. The Met allele was associated with earlier age onset of METH use [52]
BDNF-rs16917204, rs16917234, rs2030324 Chinese 200 219 No significant differences in genotype and allele distributions [53]
BDNF-Val66Met Taiwanese 103 200 Significant differences in BDNF Val66Met genotype distribution [21]
BDNF-Val66Met (rs6265) Thai 100 102 Significant differences in the distribution of rs6265 genotype
A lower frequency of GG genotype associated with METH-induced psychosis
BDNF promoter methylation Chinese 30 52 BDNF promoter methylation is associated with drug addiction [54]
BDNF-Val66Met Chinese 194 378 No significant differences in genotype and allele distributions
A significant positive correlation between serum BDNF and the delayed memory index score
BDNF-Val66Met Japanese 189 202 No significant differences were found in the frequency of the genotype or allele [56]
BDNF-Val66Met Chinese 24 45 A significant distribution of the BDNF Val66Met genotype with METH dependence and METH psychosis in Chinese [22]
Malay 59 51
Kadazan-Dusun 50 30
Bajau 53 28
Total 186 154
BDNF-Val66Met Caucasian 60 None Significantly more pretreatment days with METH use in females than males
A significant association between females with Val/Val genotype and METH use
PICK1- s737622, rs3026682, rs713729, rs2076369 Japanese 208 218 A significantly association between:
-rs713729 and METH abusers
-rs713729 and rs2076369 with spontaneous relapse of psychosis
  1. SNP: Single nucleotide polymorphism; PICK1: Protein that interact with C-kinase-1; BDNF: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor; Val66Met (also called rs6265): Met: Methionine and Val: Valine; METH: Methamphetamine; Ref: References