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Table 7 Top* TFBSs enriched in genes upregulated in GE1-HCC

From: Gene networks and transcriptional regulators associated with liver cancer development and progression

ID TRANSFAC Gene symbol Yes/no ratio P Involvement in cancer types other than HCC Involvement in HCC
V$AR_03 AR 14.1 2.39E−02 Tumour promoting [23] Tumour promoting [24]
V$TFIIA_Q6 GTF2A1/GTF2A2 8.5 1.25E−02 General enhancement of gene transcription [25]
V$PR_01 PGR 7.1 5.47E−02 Tumour promoting [26] Unclear [27]
V$HES1_Q2 HES1 7.1 1.79E−02 Tumour promoting [28] Unknown
V$ZNF219_01 ZNF219 4.4 3.10E−14 Unknown Unknown
V$AREB6_03 ZEB1 4 4.24E−03 Tumour promoting [29] Tumour promoting [30, 31]
V$GCNF_01 NR6A1 3.2 2.99E−02 Tumour promoting [32] Unknown
V$MAZR_01 PATZ1 2.7 2.16E−50 Tumour promoting [33] Unknown
V$PAX4_04 PAX4 2.7 3.70E−02 Cell proliferation/survival promoting or tumour suppressing in different contexts [34] Unknown
V$UF1H3BETA_Q6 UF1-HNF3B (not further identified) 2.6 3.09E−74
V$CACBINDINGPROTEIN_Q6 CAC-binding protein (not further identified) 2.5 1.87E−26
V$MTF1_Q4 MTF1 2.5 3.30E−04 Tumour promoting [35] Unknown
  1. HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, TFBS transcription factor binding site
  2. *TFBS with Yes/No ratio > 2.5 are included. “Yes” set—promoter sequences of the genes co-regulated in the tumours. “No” set—promoter sequences of the control genes. Yes/No ratio—ratio of the frequencies of TFBSs in the “Yes” gene set and “No” gene set. Yes/No ratio > 1 indicates overrepresentation of TFBS in the co-regulated genes and suggests potential involvement of the corresponding transcription factor in regulation of the observed expression changes