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Table 2 The results of the consistent miRNAs between differentially expressed miRNA and exosomal miRNAs

From: Bioinformatic analysis reveals an exosomal miRNA-mRNA network in colorectal cancer

MicroRNA symbol MicroRNA symbol MicroRNA symbol
hsa-let-7c hsa-mir-150 hsa-mir-337
hsa-let-7d hsa-mir-1539 hsa-mir-362
hsa-mir-100 hsa-mir-181d hsa-mir-421
hsa-mir-106b hsa-mir-192 hsa-mir-423
hsa-mir-10a hsa-mir-193b hsa-mir-424
hsa-mir-10b hsa-mir-197 hsa-mir-484
hsa-mir-1180 hsa-mir-206 hsa-mir-495
hsa-mir-1224 hsa-mir-22 hsa-mir-539
hsa-mir-1227 hsa-mir-221 hsa-mir-545
hsa-mir-1228 hsa-mir-224 hsa-mir-552
hsa-mir-1229 hsa-mir-23a hsa-mir-574
hsa-mir-1234 hsa-mir-23b hsa-mir-605
hsa-mir-1237 hsa-mir-27a hsa-mir-654
hsa-mir-1238 hsa-mir-27b hsa-mir-671
hsa-mir-126 hsa-mir-296 hsa-mir-760
hsa-mir-1306 hsa-mir-29a hsa-mir-766
hsa-mir-1307 hsa-mir-29c hsa-mir-770
hsa-mir-130a hsa-mir-301a hsa-mir-92b
hsa-mir-139 hsa-mir-30a hsa-mir-95
hsa-mir-141 hsa-mir-30b  
hsa-mir-149 hsa-mir-328  
  1. There were 61 efficient miRNAs in exosomes