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Table 2 Clinical Characteristics of six POLE Samples from the Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer Cohort

From: Frequent POLE-driven hypermutation in ovarian endometrioid cancer revealed by mutational signatures in RNA sequencing

Sample POLE mutation POLE TMB Age, years Histology Stage Grade Vital status
P1 A456P 75.2 46 Endometrioid III 2 Alive
P2 S297F 71.7 49 Endometrioid I 3 Alive
P3 V411L 64.1 49 Endometrioid III 3 Deceased
P4 P286R 28.6 46 Endometrioid I 2 Alive
P5 P286R 21.6 49 Endometrioid I 1 Alive
P6 V411L 5.8 51 Endometrioid I 1 Alive
  1. POLE DNA polymerase epsilon, TMB tumor mutation burden