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Table 1 Survival-related lncRNAs in each prognostic lncRNA module and the overall survival

From: Modular signature of long non-coding RNA association networks as a prognostic biomarker in lung cancer

ID Name Module Survival
ENSG00000258365 AC073655.2 N1 Favourable
ENSG00000272402 AL031775.2 Favourable
ENSG00000230163 AL122010.1 Favourable
ENSG00000267461 AC079210.1 Favourable
ENSG00000273226 AL391834.2 Favourable
ENSG00000232611 AL683813.2 N2 Favourable
ENSG00000268650 AC005759.1 Favourable
ENSG00000271828 AC008937.3 N4 Favourable
ENSG00000271646 AC099343.4 P3 Favourable