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Fig. 5

From: Integrative multi-omics identifies high risk multiple myeloma subgroup associated with significant DNA loss and dysregulated DNA repair and cell cycle pathways

Fig. 5Fig. 5

Genomic and gene expression characteristics of MDMS8. A Signaling pathway network showing significantly up-regulated pathways in MDMS8 compared to the rest of the disease subgroups. B Prevalence of deletions (negative Y-axis, blue) and gains (positive Y-axis, red) across the genome in MDMS8 (top panel). Percentage of genomic losses in MDMS8 vs the rest of NDMM patients (bottom panel). C Enrichment scores of the Reactome DNA repair pathway in MDMS8 vs the rest (left panel) and Homology-dependent Recombination (HDR) pathway in MDMS8 vs the rest (right panel)

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