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Table 1 The correlation between CBX3 and OS in cancers

From: Comprehensive pan-cancer analysis on CBX3 as a prognostic and immunological biomarker

Kind of cancer P value HR
THYM 1.7e-02 0.98
ACC 2.7 e-07 1.01
CESC 1.4e-02 1.00
HNSC 2.0e-02 1.00
KICH 1.7e-04 1.04
LGG 4.6e-07 1.01
LIHC 3.6e-07 1.01
LUAD 3.4e-03 1.00
MESO 2.8e-02 1.01
PAAD 2.8e-04 1.01
UVM 6.3e-03 1.01