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Table 1 Information on the four variant calling models of Clair used in Clair-ensemble (CE) for variant detection of ECNano data

From: ECNano: A cost-effective workflow for target enrichment sequencing and accurate variant calling on 4800 clinically significant genes using a single MinION flowcell

Model Training set Specifications*
CE1-3-4 hg001 + hg003 + hg004 ONT data Normal depth WGS model
CE1-2-2HD-3-4 hg001 + hg002 + hg002 very high depth (up to 500x) + hg003 + hg004 ONT data Very high depth and normal depth WGS mixed model
CE1-2 hg001 + hg002 ONT data Normal depth WGS model
CE1-2-3-4 hg001 + hg002 + hg003 + hg004 ONT data Normal depth WGS model
  1. The models were trained with combinations of different ONT WGS datasets (Additional files in Ref. [16]). * Normal depth models were trained with datasets of maximum 168 × DoC, and the model with mixed high depth data included a dataset of maximum 578 × DoC