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Table 3 mRNA levels upon treatment with siCAV1 and pBATEM2-CDH.

From: Role of Caveolin 1, E-Cadherin, Enolase 2 and PKCalpha on resistance to methotrexate in human HT29 colon cancer cells

Treatment Cell line CAV1 E-cadherin
siCAV1 + pBATEM2-CDH HT29 sensitive 21.8 ± 1.9 252.3 ± 3.5
siCAV1 + pBATEM2-CDH HT29 resistant 25.6 ± 0.2 199.7 ± 16.9
  1. Transfection experiments combining the siRNA against caveolin 1 (siCAV1) and the expression plasmid for E-cadherin (pBATEM2-CDH) were performed both in HT29 sensitive and MTX-resistant cells. Forty-eight hours later, mRNA levels for the two genes were determined in both cell lines by RT-Real-Time RCR. Results are expressed as percentages of mRNA referred to untreated cells (mean ± SE) of at least 3 independent experiments.