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Table 9 Gene Ontology categories enriched among the genes associated with lifetime glioblastoma survival1

From: Cell cycle and aging, morphogenesis, and response to stimuli genes are individualized biomarkers of glioblastoma progression and survival

Gene Ontology Level Term P-value FDR adjusted P-value Number of genes Genes
Biological process 3 aging (GO:0007568) 2.13E-05 1.62E-03 3 Pdcd4, Cdkn2a, Tp53
   regulation of biological process (GO:0050789) 2.77E-04 1.50E-02 20 Usf2, Cdkn2a, Ccnb2, Akt2, Tp53, Cdc42, Six6, Jag2, Lin7c, Pdcd4, Csf1, Topors, Spg21, Akt1, Egfr, Sox10, C2, Scn5a, Arhgef4, Cdk2
   protein localization (GO:0008104) 1.49E-03 3.77E-02 7 Topors, Akt1, Sar1a, Egfr, Timm23, Tp53, Lin7c
   cell division (GO:0051301) 2.04E-03 3.88E-02 3 Ccnb2, Cdc42, Cdk2
   cell cycle (GO:0007049) 3.75E-03 5.14E-02 7 Pdcd4, Egfr, Cdk2, Cdkn2a, Ccnb2, Tp53, Jag2
   nitrogen compound metabolic process (GO:0006807) 4.06E-03 5.14E-02 4 Chst4, Akt1, Egfr, Chi3l1
   cell proliferation (GO:0008283) 8.32E-03 8.99E-02 6 Csf1, Topors, Egfr, Cdk2, Tp53, Jag2
   death (GO:0016265) 9.46E-03 8.99E-02 6 Akt1, Cdkn2a, Tp53, Jag2, Pdcd4, Topors
  4 cell aging (GO:0007569) 4.38E-06 9.42E-04 3 Pdcd4, Cdkn2a, Tp53
  1. 1 Only GO categories with False Discovery Rate (FDR) adjusted P-value < 0.1 and represented by three or more genes.