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Figure 1

From: Association of differential gene expression with imatinib mesylate and omacetaxine mepesuccinate toxicity in lymphoblastoid cell lines

Figure 1

Experimental and analytical protocol used in the study. Experimental series 1 was undertaken to estimate the differential gene expression in 48,803 probes upon treatment with imatinib or omacetaxine. For these experiments both drugs were administered at a dose of IC20. Experimental series 2 was undertaken to measure an individual’s sensitivity to drug response (SDR) which was estimated as the slope of the regression line (arrows) between log of dose administered and cell viability. Data from these experiments were also used to estimate the IC20 values used in Experimental Series 1. Differential gene expression (iFC and oFC) was tested for statistical significance for departure from zero as well as for association with the corresponding SDR as shown. Details of the statistical methods mentioned in the figure are provided in the text.

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