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Table 4 Enriched GO categories for genes related to neurocognitive impairment

From: Systems analysis of human brain gene expression: mechanisms for HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment and common pathways with Alzheimer’s disease

Down with impairment Frontal cortex Basal ganglia White matter
Mitochondrion 6.86E-6 NS NS
Mitotic Cell Cycle 1.63E-04 NS NS
DNA Repair 4.86E-04 NS NS
Proteasome Complex (sensu Eukarya) 5.06E-04 NS NS
Nucleus 1.10E-03 NS NS
Up with Impairment Frontal Cortex Basal Ganglia White Matter
Transcription Regulation 5.49E-06 NS 2.10E-03
Receptor Activity 3.39E-04 NS NS
DNA Binding 1.34E-03 NS NS
Protein Kinase Activity NS 7.13E-04 NS
Homo Sapiens 19 NS 1.18E-02 2.27E-03
Chondroitin/Heparin Sulfate Biosynthesis NS NS 8.37E-05