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Table 2 Gene expression in antrum and corpus tissue of Hp- individuals, for known antrum- and corpus-specific genes

From: Transcriptome signatures in Helicobacter pylori-infected mucosa identifies acidic mammalian chitinase loss as a corpus atrophy marker

Tissue specificity Cell type Description Symbol ID Fold difference1 p-value2
Corpus ECL-cell Histidine decarboxylase HDC ILMN_98661 11 1.0 x10-4
ECL/Parietal cell Gastrin receptor 1 CCKBR ILMN_9090 15 5.5 x 10-4
Parietal Cell ATPase H+/K+ exchanging, beta ATP4B ILMN_12353 49 1.6 x 10-3
Parietal Cell ATPase H+/K+ exchanging, alpha ATP4A ILMN_16471 45 4.5 x 10-5
Parietal cell Gastric intrinsic factor GIF ILMN_18902 17 1.3 x 10-2
A-like/Gr cell Ghrelin GHRL ILMN_19385 10 5.0 x 10-2
Chief cell Pepsinogen PGA5 ILMN_23664 48 2.4 x 10-2
Antrum G-cell Gastrin GAST ILMN_23553 848 2.8 x 10-5
  1. 1 Fold difference when comparing gene expression levels in corpus vs. antrum for corpus specific genes, and antrum vs. corpus for antrum-specific genes.
  2. 2 Antrum and corpus expression was compared using Student’s t-test; only values ≤ 0.05 are shown.