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Fig. 4

From: Expression analysis of human adipose-derived stem cells during in vitro differentiation to an adipocyte lineage

Fig. 4

Confirmation of select gene expression by direct quantitative RT-PCR assay: The results of direct quantitative RT-PCR assays measuring relative message levels of (a) FABP4 (b) ADIPOQ (c) PLIN4 (d) FGF1 (e) FGF11 (f) HES1 (g) RSAD2 (h) PPP1R1A (i) POSTN are shown as histograms. Relative values for each transcript were normalized by internal control (GAPDH), and are shown here in each instance with baseline expression in undifferentiated ASCs set at a relative value of “1”. Values represent mean ± SEM of two independent experiments performed in triplicate. p < 0.05 was considered significant. In all cases a strong concordance was seen in the patterns of gene expression measured by microarray and measured by direct qRT-PCR

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