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Table 3 Differential exon usage (DEU) between current and former smokers. Significant DEU is defined as an adjusted p-value <0.05 from limma exon-based T statistic and DEXseq p-value <0.05.Gene-based P value is unadjusted from limma differential expression analysis

From: RNA sequencing identifies novel non-coding RNA and exon-specific effects associated with cigarette smoking

Ensembl Exon ID Gene Symbol Limma Adjusted P value DEXseq P value Gene-based P value Transcripts Containing Exon Exon Number in Transcript
ENSE00001810132 EPS15 4.00E-02 2.00E-02 8.16E-01 ENST00000478657 first
ENSE00002071373 GALNT7 2.22E-03 1.66E-06 1.30E-01 ENST00000502407 first
ENSE00001444573 SASH1a 1.80E-09 2.39E-03 4.22E-21 ENST00000367467 last
ENSE00001400828 AREL1 1.27E-02 1.18E-03 9.98E-01 ENST00000356357 last
ENSE00001444981 UTRN 5.72E-16 8.82E-02 1.75E-01 ENST00000367545 last
ENSE00001635177 MAN1A2 4.00E-03 3.25E-02 9.48E-03 ENST00000356554 second
ENSE00001231507 LRRN3a 3.23E-10 4.69E-04 4.19E-36 ENST00000308478 first
ENSE00001175333 ERAP1 7.87E-12 1.27E-03 4.27E-01 ENST00000296754 first
ENSE00001641703 ERAP1 1.19E-06 3.63E-03 4.27E-01 ENST00000443439 first
  1. aDifferentially expressed gene