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Volume 9 Supplement 2

Selected articles from the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine 2015: medical genomics


Publication of this supplement has not been supported by sponsorship. Information about the source of funding for publication charges can be found in the individual articles. The articles have undergone the journal's standard peer review process for supplements. The Supplement Editors declare that they have no competing interests.

Washington, DC, USA9-12 November 2015

Conference website

Edited by Xiaohua Hu and Huiru Zheng.

Other articles from the conference have been published as supplements to BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Genomics, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making and BMC Systems Biology.

  1. Measurement of various markers of single cells using flow cytometry has several biological applications. These applications include improving our understanding of behavior of cellular systems, identifying rare...

    Authors: Maziyar Baran Pouyan, Vasu Jindal, Javad Birjandtalab and Mehrdad Nourani

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):41

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. Inferring gene regulatory networks is one of the most interesting research areas in the systems biology. Many inference methods have been developed by using a variety of computational models and approaches. Ho...

    Authors: Dongchul Kim, Mingon Kang, Ashis Biswas, Chunyu Liu and Jean Gao

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):50

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  3. In biomedical research, events revealing complex relations between entities play an important role. Biomedical event trigger identification has become a research hotspot since its important role in biomedical ...

    Authors: Jian Wang, Jianhai Zhang, Yuan An, Hongfei Lin, Zhihao Yang, Yijia Zhang and Yuanyuan Sun

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):45

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  4. Development of biologically relevant models from gene expression data notably, microarray data has become a topic of great interest in the field of bioinformatics and clinical genetics and oncology. Only a sma...

    Authors: Johra Muhammad Moosa, Rameen Shakur, Mohammad Kaykobad and Mohammad Sohel Rahman

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):47

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  5. Fragment-based approaches have now become an important component of the drug discovery process. At the same time, pharmaceutical chemists are more often turning to the natural world and its extremely large and...

    Authors: Sunandini Sharma, Kritika Karri, Ishwor Thapa, Dhundy Bastola and Dario Ghersi

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):46

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  6. Genomic variations are associated with the metabolism and the occurrence of adverse reactions of many therapeutic agents. The polymorphisms on over 2000 locations of cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP) due to many f...

    Authors: Zhaohui Liang, Jimmy Xiangji Huang, Xing Zeng and Gang Zhang

    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2016 9(Suppl 2):48

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

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